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The M4 is a family of firearms tracing back to earlier carbine versions of the M16. It is a shorter and lighter version of the M16 assault rifle. The AEG Micro Version has become very popular for use in Airsoft CQB fields, especially if you like the look & feel of the M4 Rifle. Star Rainbow Corp (SRC) has developed the M4 Micro in a number of generations to fit with all budgets. This SR4 Micro has a crane stock and pistol grip made of high-quality nylon fibre plastic that is very durable. The shorter barrel makes it easy to handle for CQB or indoor battles.

Gun Length 643/726mm
Barrel Length 250mm
Weight 2902g
Muzzle Velocity +/- 300fps
Battery Type Stick Type Battery (rear Wiring)
Connector size Small connector
Mag. Capacity 300 rounds
Motor Long
Material Full Metal
No Battery & Charger Include
1 x Black Tip Include